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PingWei Anti-forgery Ink Limited

a member of China's Anti-forgery Association, is China's possibly most distinguished printing ink manufacturer. We create different kinds of printing ink widely used in printing industry as well as in the anti-forgery printing ink area in such fields of manufacture as cigarette, liquor, pharmacy, commodities, cosmetics, apparel, electronics etc.

PingWei Anti-forgery Ink Limited
we can produce kinds of printing inks for all kinds of printing methods, such as off -set, intaglio, typographic, screening, water based flexography printing and so on.anti-counterfeit printing ink like: Optical Variable Ink, ovi ink, infrared ink, ir ink, uv invisible ink, temperature ink, chemical ink, special ink, pad prinitng ink, screen printing ink, uv ink, Infrared Excitation Ink, IR not absorption ink, Temperature Sensitive Ink, Chemical Discoloration Printing Ink, UV Ultra-violet ink, Soaking Discoloration Ink, Solar Discoloration Ink, Special Ink, Fragrance Printing Ink, Sterilization Indication Ink, Carbon Paper Ink, Special Ink, Scratch Card Ink, Lighting Ink, laser Ink, Pearl Ink, ink for printing, screen printing ink, silk screen printing ink, ir ink, sublimation ink, uv ink, IR up-turn printing ink, sun sensitive color change printing ink, Optical Variable Ink, Press Sensitive Ink, Chemical Discoloration Printing Ink, Hollow Breakdown Type Ink, Magnetic Ink, Watermark Ink, Solar Discoloration Ink, Infrared Excitation Ink, Soaking Discoloration Ink, Temperature Sensitive Ink, Ultraviolet Fluorescent Ink, water-mark printing ink, water color change printing ink and so on.

PingWei Anti-forgery Ink Limited
PingWei Anti-forgery Ink The company is running a team of brilliant researchers who play a very important role in making it a leader of all time, heavily by introducing from all around the world the latest-developed technology and machines necessary to bring people the most favorable. Now what we make are well known not only for their remarkable performance, but for the brightness of color, adhesive force, alcohol resistance, abrasion proof and, of course, the duration against chemical erosion, which help the users better cope with their work.



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